Pre-Construction & Budgeting

Stick the landing by starting right

The work done prior to construction is some of the most difficult, most important, and most indicative of how the rest of the project will go. We help shepherd the process by coming on board early as a collaborator with homeowners and architects. Through preliminary pricing exercises and modifications, we align the budget and scope before the project becomes too developed. With an accurate budget and a scope that everyone believes in, all parties can move forward with few surprises.



Mastering the details

Building or remodeling a home requires the ability to adapt quickly, foresee obstacles, and plan ahead. We have in-house production meetings every week with our project players to update the schedule, look ahead to schedule subcontractors, define what materials need to be ordered, and clarify what information needs to be obtained in order to keep the project running smoothly. Communicating clearly and managing information helps our clients and architects focus on what matters most while we take care of the details.


Change Orders

From perplexing to painless

While we work diligently to go to contract with a well-defined scope, change orders are a fact of life for most construction projects. We have custom-built systems that allow us to quickly get changes in front of homeowners so they can accept or reject them–with real-time project budget updates–before the work begins.

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Online, easy to find, and all in one place

We use an online system that allows all parties to view the same versions of schedules, drawings, contracts, and other documents easily and at the same time, without duplication or confusion.


Cost Management

Clear billing from start to finish

This same transparency is at work in the way we track a project’s budget. Our billing process gives homeowners snapshots of the budget every month and exact figures for what they owe on the rest of the project. No mysteries and no surprises.



On the job even after it’s done

Even after we complete a project, Ambrose Construction is steadfast in taking care of our clients. That means educating homeowners about the ways new materials will likely change over time, promptly performing warranty work if needed, and being available to quickly resolve other problems that might arise as people move into their new spaces.